Custom minecraft maps

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You cannot download a custom map on the console editions of Minecraft. Go to a Minecraft map website. Click on a map that you want to download. Doing so should open the map’s page, from which point you can download the map.

This button’s location will depend on the site, so scroll down if you can’t find the Download button. For some map sites, you may have to click another link or map image before you can click Download. You may also have to click SKIP AD in the top-right corner of the page to continue to the download page after clicking Download. Wait for the map to finish downloading. Once the map’s ZIP or RAR folder finishes downloading onto your computer, you can proceed. If you’re on a Windows computer, you’ll need to extract the files from the folder before you can install the map. On a Mac, simply double-clicking the folder will unzip it.

Double-click the folder to open it. There will be another folder inside. Double-click the folder inside of the map folder. This will most likely open to a folder full of files and folders, including several folders labeled DIM1 and DIM-1. If so, the folder you just opened is the folder you’ll need to copy.

On Windows, you must first click the «Back» button in the top-left corner of the File Explorer. Click the map folder to select it. Now that you’ve copied the map folder, you can continue along to installing it on your computer or smartphone. On a Mac, you can also click Edit in the top-left corner of the screen and then click Copy in the drop down menu.

Double-click the Minecraft program icon, which resembles a block of dirt with a green tuft of grass on it. It’s in the upper-right corner of the Minecraft launcher window. Doing so prompts a menu at the top of the window. This option is in the upper-right side of the launcher menu.

Click the grey switch below the «Advanced Settings» heading, then click OK on the Java warning. It’s near the top of the page. It’s on the left side of the page. Clicking it will make the switch turn green. Click the green, right-facing arrow on the far-right side of the «Game directory» row in the middle of the page. This will open your Minecraft game folder.