Minecraft pe for pc

Minecraft Pocket Edition is a great app but one thing it lacks compared to the PC version of Minecraft is features. The creators behind the Authentic PC Mod have made it their objective to make Minecraft PE be more minecraft pe for pc the PC version. In this mod they’ve added more mobs, new rain weather and blocks and much more!

It’s the perfect mod if you are looking for more and quicker updates of the app. Look through the information below to see all the new updates. There are two available versions, one for High Quality and one for Low Quality. Choose one based on your device, or see our recommendation below.

At first launch make sure you are connected to the Internet. So The video clearly shown that The Mod included Zombie Villagers yet it doesn’t say that It Saids Zombie Pigman Whitch makes People Think This Mod is for versions of Minecraft Before 0. I think it works for the latest. I don’t think you can install ModPE scripts for iOS devices. Textures packs, skins and maps you can still get I think so have a look on our other sections on the website. Can Lenovo A316i android type use this mod because I tried the high and low version but keep crashing.